Nov. 5th, 2009

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left: timid looks forward, vincent sneaks up. middle: timid looks backward, vincent lays down and looks innocent.  right: timid looks forward again, but her whole body says *don't you dare*, vincent stays put

clicking on the image gets you a larger version.

i got lots done today; good day. real artist acrylics are beautiful; so saturated. i've never worked with such lovely paints before.

vincent is deigning to let me pet him again; apparently i am finally forgiven for the flea treatment. little does he know what is yet to come. *sigh*. i wish we could communicate better with animals.

though i guess "we're gonna have the vet pull all your teeth and chop off your balls" wouldn't go over real well in any case.
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crusty rust from decaying white all the way to dark rust brown

copying all my images down from LJ's scrapbook in preparation for transferring them to another photo hosting site, which i haven't decided on yet. now that i am looking closely at scrapbook's organization, that won't be easy nor fun. i also don't see any way right now to mass-edit all the old posts, and i am sure not looking forward to manually doing it with 600+ of them.

we can't import to DW yet from data we've first exported and edited offline, can we? i've not been paying close attention to new features lately, but i didn't think that one is even on the horizon.

oh man, this will suck.

but it won't suck as hard as the republicans. arseholes are girding up to fuck with gay marriage in new hampshire too now. i am so angry, i am feeling violent. not like i am actually gonna do anything violent, but i am wishing violence on those people. if i were god, i'd be doing some burning bush appearances. maybe also some gentle smiting.

and even vengeful, i'd still be a better god than theirs.


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