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overhead press
1x5 @ 45lb
5x5 @ 50lb

5x5 @ 80lb

3x5 @ 45lb
2x5 BW

bench dips
5x5 BW

3x45sec BW

feeling weak and exhausted. didn't sleep well the last 3 nights; nightmares, waking up repeatedly in a cold sweat. guess that would explain it right there, except i can't think of a cause for the crappy dreams. *sigh*. i HATE being weak.

anyway. workout.
5 min light cardio.
10 min general mobility.
5 min shoulder mobility.

OHP started with the empty bar which felt heavy and wobbly. added 5 lb for the 2nd set and that felt so heavy i fought for the last rep, and my form was shite. sat down to rest and mope. then i remembered something i read last week by pavel tsatsouline, about "irradiation", which is meant to commandeer all muscles even remotely connected to get involved in the lift:
• squeeze the weight as if you are trying to crush it to pulp
• squeeze your glutes as if pinching a coin with them
• tighten your abs as if bracing for a punch
this wasn't entirely new information, but pavel gives it that extra aggressive russian comrade *ooomph*. so i went all aggro at the bar and put the advice into action for the 3rd set. and lo and behold, while the weight didn't get "whimsically light" as pavel claims, it went up straight and with good form, without wobbling at all, and no fighting to get the last rep in. same for sets 4 - 6. wow. ok. when i thought my core was tight before, it wasn't actually TIGHT.

deadlift is still easy. i've now realized that there is no reason to keep it to 1 set, not while the weight is easy for me. so i'm gonna do more sets while i can. i am also keeping both up and down movements slow and concentrated; more time under tension is good. i could feel this in my hamstrings and glutes today, yay.

did ATG squat of 4 min before squats, and some extra shoulder mobility, but my shoulders hurt badly. could not keep very tight, did not go parallel. could not pull myself together. i am considering moving the squats to their own day; they're depressing my workout no matter where i put them, so isolating them might be psychologically better. did get through 3 sets with the bar, but then my shoulders were screaming again. honestly, i feel i do a better job and build more strength without the bar at this point. i might do goblet squats instead.

bench dips. i am moving maybe 5 cm, and my triceps burn. yeah, this is what i need to do more of. interestingly enough this does not tax my shoulders horribly. i need to look more closely at my anatomy book to tease apart just exactly what about the arm position in the squat hurts so much.

planks. increased duration to 45 sec each.

except for the squats, this was a good workout.
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