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5x5 @ 10lb

overhead press
5x5 @ 45lb

3x5 @ 70lb

3x30 sec BW

5 min light cardio.
12 min general mobility.
3 min kstar (kelly starrett, my mobility guru) ATG (ass-to-grass) squat test (slowly creeping up; goal is 10 comfortable minutes). i can keep my feet flat on the floor now without collapsing my arches, but my balance is incredibly precarious.

OHP was good. i did it first so i wouldn't be as affected by the shoulder issues from the squat. i didn't have good form in the first set, which showed itself by a little twitch in my back (i am guessing i hyperextended), so i tightened my core more and that did the trick. oly bar! finally! this is where most people on stronglifts 5x5 start out, *snicker*. i'll either need to microload very soon, and/or do accessory lifts; i think the progression of this program is too steep for weak ole me.

the kayak weighs 44 lbs, so now i could theoretically press it above my head for 5 reps; if i could get a solid grip to heave it up there. ;) i like that!

squats are killing me. both my shoulders and my hip flexors hurt, and i don't just mean "ache". i am glad i have an extra rest day. i am leaning too far forward for a high-bar squat, but i don't have the mobility in my shoulders yet for a low-bar squat. let's not even talk about going lower than parallel, which i should also do while using high-bar. i am still too impatient, i think, and am pushing my mobility issues too fast.

deadlift was also good. so good that i forgot this is the one lift where we don't do 5x5 but only 1x5, and did 3 sets before realizing it. well, it can't hurt since i wasn't struggling, and maintained what i think is decent form -- which is getting much more stable now that i am lifting a higher weight. i still haven't cut standard-sized plates which means the bar rests on a box at the start, which is slightly high. need to get to that.

added planks for abdominals. i am no longer as horribly shaky on these, so i think next time i can up the duration. i should also do side planks.

checked my nutrition log report for the last month. i am not eating enough protein, am a little low on potassium (but no cramps or major palpitations, so not an issue), also a bit short on calcium (been eating less cheese, that's why). otherwise everything seems ok. the protein is the biggest issue; getting most of my protein from plant sources is much more difficult, but i need to bring that up if i am lifting heavier and heavier weights. i am eating in a steady caloric deficit, which isn't what i am aiming for, but i just generally don't seem to be all that hungry, not even in workout days -- that's a big difference from when i last did exercise (aerobic), when i was always ravenous afterwards. i am feeling pretty good though; ticker has been behaving very well for 6 weeks now.

so now i am gonna have salmon sashimi for dinner. ;)
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