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something i like (i know! inconceivable!): if an organization has a twitter representation, it's really easy to send them a quick message of support. yeah, it's probably better to send a letter too, but this way at least it gets done (i'm probably not the only person to send less snail mail than i should).
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i'm busy today and therefore not able to rev up my google-fu right now, but if any of you have experience or knowledge of a twitter-to-jabber gateway, i'd be interested to hear all about it.

what i want to do is ship my tweets to my jabber client (ichat, though i can change that if needed) so they're sent to the *poing* who is at the other end of that connection, and who does not want to sign up to twitter or have yet another client open to yet another communication channel. (which is a very sensible attitude to have.)
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test of twitter / loudtwitter

click if you are REALLY bored )
hm. now how do i get it to tag things properly? research is required.

ETA: apparently tagging and any sort of security (making the post private) only work if i ship the tweets via email. alright. tomorrow.


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