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i am not doing the best i can myself, but at least i am ashamed of it and endeavour to improve, which is more than can be said for prime minister stephen harper.

if you are embarrassed by how he's consistently putting corporate interests ahead of environmental ones, and how he's representing canada in regard to climate change, and if you would like to see canada pick itself up from its bottom of the barrel position on this issue, please consider signing this petition put together by avaaz.

you don't need to be canadian to sign.
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or in a place like it. or in a place that would like to become like it. i'd love to be part of a community that works together like this. i'd be willing to work hard to help bring it about. but i am not the kind of person who starts a movement from scratch; i'm not social enough. and i have been slacking badly in my personal life. so, i would need to be looking long-term for a place in BC that has a fair number of like-minded people. nanaimo is way too large.

Go Zero is a community project based in Chew Magna that raises awareness of the environmental and social impact of our everyday actions and provides suggestions for change towards a zero waste society.

It offers affordable and sustainable solutions to reduce and conserve resources and energy, to contract our carbon footprint, and to brighten the lives of the community while recognizing our responsibilities to encourage others throughout the world to do likewise.

guardian article from november 2005.
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i can't seem to comment on the blog entry itself right now (errors out), so i'm leaving this here to remind myself to try again later.

re: http://www.treehugger.com/files/2006/08/viastone_biodeg.php#perma which links to several companies that create papers from minerals and a binder, who all tout themselves as environmentally friendly: viastone, xterrance, and terraskin.  the papers are all 100% tree-free, and are made from mineral powders with a non-toxic resin binder.

the viastone link in the treehugger entry doesn't work; it should be http://www.viastone.net instead.  also, the link to xterrane doesn't actually link to the company's website; that should be http://xterrane.en.ecplaza.net/

i don't know how i feel about this rock paper (beyond wanting to take scissors to it right away :). tried to find out more about its manufacture, but all the named websites are fairly worthless on that account. googling didn't get me much further, but i came across another company, Taiwan LM Technology Co. making such a paper, who actually list their european patent number, which allowed me to look up their patent

limestone isn't exactly a renewable resource.  tree farms aren't great, but limestone quarries are worse.  the process, however, might well be more environmentally friendly than what paper-and-pulp factories do these days.  gotta read the patent to find out; they're claiming some nice stuff.  i also wonder about the archival qualities of such papers; we've learned a lot about cellulose over the years, but we know nothing much about this.  but i'll definitely gonna get me some to try them out.


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