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i fell off the exercise wagon since gloria was gone on thursday, we had to take vincent to the vet, and i've had a low grade stomach bug for about a week, so since last tuesday i only did one interval workout on the exercycle.

but it's back on.

after warming up (5 min walk around the block, 5 min treadmill) i did wall angels (1st: 12, 2nd: 14). i am happy with how much better my ROM is in those, and how much faster i can do them with good form. 3rd set was wall devils instead, at which i am still pitiful.

bar pushups
12/12/8 bodyweight

arnold press with alternating squats
8/10 16lb

glutes bridge with weight
12/14 12lb

triceps pulldowns
10/12 25lb

bench dips
4 bodyweight

bozo ball stepups
20/24 bodyweight

the paramour and i are now doing training together, and gloria concentrates more on the paramour, which leaves me to do my exercises in peace and quiet, for the most part. yay!

the pushups are not to the floor, but inclined against a bar on the smith machine (a perfectly legit use for a smith machine, contrary to what it is advertised to do). i moved the bar a notch lower each set, making the pushups harder (which explains the lower reps for the last one; my pecs were really straining). i wonder how long it'll be before i can do a proper pushup on the floor.

i did the arnold press and squats together (alternating) which was a new exercise for me, and i broke form a lot on the squat part (let gravity do the work), which annoyed me. gloria likes to make things "fun" and "challenging", but i was feeling crappy today and just wanted stuff i knew how to do without trying to do something complicated where my form sucks because i try to do some complex compound movement.

this sort of thing is why i think a simple and straightforward heavy lifting program like stronglifts 5x5 will be better for me in the long run. i am a lot less interested in "new and fun" than i am in mastering form and doing an exercise well. i know gloria means well, however, we're not entirely in sync on the subject. but hey, she tries to accomodate my goals, and we're doing some form of squat every session now and generally work on form; today was an exception. i am up to 12x2 with 24 lb dumbbells when we do them straight, so it's getting there.

after i muddled through the arnold press/squat thing gloria wanted to cheer me up, i think, by having me do bench dips -- since my goal is to lift myself out of my kayak onto the coaming, that is THE exercise that'll show whether i can do that. alas i know i can't do it yet because i try this every week at home -- i can dip a little now, but not very far, and i can't get myself back up onto the bench without use of my legs. so i told her it wasn't gonna happen, and she decided to prove me wrong. yeah, that was not a success. soon she'll hopefully believe me that when i say outright "i can't" that it truly means "i can't", not "i am afraid" or "i am seriously underestimating myself". i tend to analyze myself a lot, and when i say "can't" it means i have tried my best and failed, not that i am mentally ill prepared or otherwise wildly out of tune with my capabilities.

something else where we differ is i am also not actually afraid of (temporary) failure; for me it's an inevitable side effect of trying to do well in anything, *wry grin*. for her acknowledging i am bad at something seems a defeatist thing and she always tries to interfere with that -- but i am not actually putting myself down, because i know how it feels when i do that, and saying i can't do a bench dip" does not feel the same way. it was just not a good day to even try something like this.

the step-ups were onto the lower bozo ball (as i like to call it) -- the simple stepups and other balancing exercises she has me do on it are good for me; my balance is already a lot better than it was a month ago, and it really teaches me to tighten my core.

overall it was a good workout considering i was feeling sub-par, and i felt pretty good afterwards (though still nauseated), because i had conquered the little voice in my head that said "you're feeling bad, it's ok to cancel" -- no, it's not ok, not unless i am a lot sicker. i am happy that i now feel good after a workout, as opposed to my prior experiences which were exhausting, joyless, and depressing.

one good thing about being completely out of shape is that good results show up very quickly -- i can do a bunch of stuff now that i couldn't do a month ago. heck, i couldn't do more than 5 squats, and those were half-assed. i now squat a lot more easily around the house as well.

vincent has advanced kidney disease, so i spent some time researching how we can make him more comfortable. picked up an assortment of low phosphorus / low protein foods, though for some reason veterinarians seem to have a lock on the really low diets. what a ridiculous idea, that one must purchase overpriced food at a vet's -- i understand prescriptions for narcotics, but food? *grump*. just one more example of the nanny state taking choices away from me; ghods, i sound like a libertarian. i guess in this regard i am one. i can abuse my pets in many ways without the state stepping in, but oh no, i can't purchase a certain diet food for my pet without white-coated approval.

the doc said he probably has less than a year to live. i'm ok; i never actually expected him to live as long as he has, being a feral tom -- he's older than 12 now. and he's become pretty tame; sleeping in my bed, headbutting me in the face, and behaving really, really well at the vet, even ended up purring when we cut off the big mats with a cordless clipper (i have to get one of those). we've already given him several years more life than he would have had otherwise, and i've found him some yummy food that doesn't make him throw up, feed him small portions, all by himself so he doesn't have to feel crowded by the others. even if he just has a few more months, at least he'll be comfy.
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