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not much happening... well, no, actually i've been busy running around, doing errands, driving the paramour to various health professionals. too tired at the end of the day to go kayaking. so, stuff is happening, but it's not real interesting to talk about.

tomorrow is my first workout training session! i am so chuffed. i got lucky that gloria actually had room in her busy schedule in the afternoons, since my own weird-ass schedule means i'll actually have a greater chance of being awake then, instead of having to set an alarm and drag myself creaking out of bed at a -- for me -- unghodly hour.

which reminded me how privileged i am that i can allow my body to indulge in weird-ass schedules. i whine about it, but man, i am so lucky in that aspect of it.

small positive accomplishment, albeit *duh* moment: my cellphone had been unusable for months now; it'd randomly reboot every few minutes. i didn't miss it much until i started kayaking, so after trying a few things to fix it, i just ignored it. well, now that i want a working cellphone i decided to trade it in; our plan would allow me to get a more spiffy one (like the motorola razr HD LTE) at minimal cost. in order to do that, i wanted to wipe everything, so i did a hard factory reset. which fixed the rebooting problem. apparently neither i nor the paramour (who is our resident smartphone expert, since for some reason i feel luddity about phones) had ever tried that. oh well. i honestly didn't miss the phone much.

i'm missing my garmin forerunner 205 (GPS/training watch) much more -- after 4 years the battery had given up its ghost. garmin charges a freaking fortune for a new battery. thanks to the internet however, i am reaping the benefits of some tinkerers out there who figured out that an ipod mini battery fits perfectly, gives better performance than the garmin-branded one, and costs $5 instead of $70. yay for tinkerers. and the internet.

the forerunner has a heart rate monitor which will come in handy now that i am going to be switching up my walks to provide better cardio exercise. i'm looking at doing some form of interval training.

i'm generally feeling more energetic since i've upped my intake of fruit and vegetables. i've been away from the house nearly every day since buying the kayak and researching gyms, which is a huge thing, because i'd been quite hermitty for a long time now, a trend only broken when the *poing* visits. yeah, i am also more tired (partly that is because interacting with strangers takes a lot out of me), but i am doing stuff, so i have reason. i am really hoping all the exercising will also give me more energy over time.

oh, and we're gonna hire a fat nutritionist! i am really pleased to have found this person; it didn't look good finding someone simpatico in town because they either seem married to the establishment opinion of nutrition (which comes with constant admonishments about weight loss), or... slightly flaky. this one we'll have to talk to online, but that's not really a problem i don't think.

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Oh - shiny! I read her blog, where she comes over as someone with good things to say, and a good deal of sensitivity to people being people. I hope it's a productive conversation for you ;)


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