May. 5th, 2013 14:36
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runner on 1st getting getting ready to steal 2nd

so i went to my first "real" baseball game. now, everybody will snort when i mention that i have actually been to a couple of major league games in toronto. but somehow that didn't count, because we sat so far away that i could only see what was happening by trying to watch a giant tv screen, and it just had this all-around commercial feel to it, not what i had always imagined when reading about baseball games as family entertainment.

this game had that, and i had a great time. BC has its own league since 1995, which started with 5 teams -- some guys got together so their sons could play competitive baseball. now the league has 3 divisions, premier, junior, and college, and it actually looks fairly competitive for that age level. canada isn't exactly a baseball country; the weather was perfect, but the visitor attendance was scant; mostly relatives of the players -- nothing like even junior hockey. everyone applauded every good play, no matter from which team. i don't like crowds, and i like crowds who dis the opposing team even less, so this was great. i had a fabulous seat with a great view of home plate, and could put all my new-found knowledge of strategy into action. oh, and the home team are the "pirates". what could be more appropriate?

all i know about baseball i learned from anime. i've been marathoning major, an unusually realistic anime when it comes to strategy (not so realistic when it comes to the accomplishments of the hero, *heh*). which is why i wanted to see a real, live baseball game to begin with.

it was fun. as compared to the blue jays games i watched, i actually understood all the plays now, and the paramour explained the few things that i didn't know. i had a hotdog (i've been pretty good about sticking to a vegetarian diet, but i am officially a "flexitarian", so i can get away with eating really crappy meat products if the atmosphere calls for it). i even conversed with some people (proud grand parents of the smallest player). the home team lost both games, but i didn't care, and they seemed to have a good time as well.

i think i might do this again.

on the health front, i am back on DeathWatch; the last attack lasted 9 hours and wrung me out, and i've been having near panic attacks when trying to sleep, so i definitely needed something to take me out of it all. stupid human bodies.

but i'm mostly holding it together, for values of a very small life -- i am having a garden again this year, for which i have given up the idea of creating more raised beds (since there is no usable soil here), and am building sub-irrigation containers from 72l plastic totes instead. came up with a pretty decent design that seems to be working well, and that's making me happy. this will make some of my garden easily movable when we do move, which is still kinda nebulous, but we've started to casually look at acreage to see what we can afford.

on 2013-05-06 02:08 (UTC)
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Small ball is the best ball.

on 2013-05-06 03:24 (UTC)
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I love love love baseball, but I'd much rather watch a little game from rickety bleachers than a pro game from stadium seats.

And I wish I could help with the yuck. i'll echo you from the other day: Please don't die.

on 2013-05-06 08:20 (UTC)
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Yay baseball! Yay non-major-league baseball!

Boo Deathwatch.


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