Nov. 16th, 2012 21:10
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in other news, timid has a bad ear infection in both ears. we took her to the vet, and now she has to stay confined inside, which means she has to stay in the big dog cage we have for that, since we don't have a spare room for a quarantined cat. she is NOT happy, though despite hating the cage she is being remarkably good. especially about the medication i get to squirt into her ears twice a day; i have no wounds to show for it (the paramour got scratched when we corralled her to put her in the carrier - next time, bigger towel). she yowls for a bit a few times each day, and tries to be a monkey and climb out the top of the cage (except that is closed too), but calms quickly if we sit down and pet her for a while. i am sleeping next to the cage on my thermarest so she isn't alone at night, and while i am not sleeping well, it keeps her mostly calm. we have pills to sedate her, but we're doing ok without.

10 days total, and we're at the end of day 4. i think we might all live. originally the vet wanted to put a cannula in her ear, but that would have meant 3 weeks inside and a cone around her head. she would have just gone nuts. as it is, her ears will likely cauliflower, but she doesn't need to win any beauty contests, and at least they won't hurt her.

we went to a new vet and she is great. gave me a prescription for 6 months of revolution so i can get all the others treated for fleas and mites as well -- the previous place wanted us to bring each cat in for that, which isn't in the stars. not gonna traumatize the lot of them just for a treatment. they were kinda weird in general -- the doctors never introduced themselves, and had no name tags either. i mean, you know my name and my cats' names, maybe i could get yours as well? i'm glad this new place opened, and it's even a bit closer.

vincent is around again (he was gone for a while), and actually looking a bit better, more meat on his bones. i managed to cut most of his matted fur off before the weather got colder, but there is still a chunk on his back that i can't get off without restraining him, and he is suspicious enough that he'd just disappear again after that. i rather keep him close so i can fatten him up. bacchus is still a dick to him, though he's starting to slow down now; getting older.

the "kittens" are all more than 10 years old now. time really does fly.

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new vet sounds like a good thing, and here's hoping timid is on the mend!


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