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too much politics. not good for my mental health. if only i could easily sort the stuff that will energize me from the stuff that will suck it out. i can do that on dkos for the most part because i know the participants. but links to various other places are apt to set me off frothing at the unsubstantiated rumour mill that gets het up over total bullshit.


more 538, less huffpo, and fewer random leftie journals. more matt taibbi. why is there not more matt taibbi? *sigh*.

and i need to learn to hit back on my browser as soon as i see something that's bound to piss me off the longer i contemplate it.

on 2009-10-13 04:57 (UTC)
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It's actually become something of an issue in our household, the thing where C. reads politics like some guys read sports, and then comes upstairs and presents me with this kind of news. As I keep telling him, when I think of him as the Voice Of Hideous Stupid, it's not good for the relationship.

on 2009-10-13 05:16 (UTC)
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Yeah, I've been encouraging the development of hobbies that aren't bad news. I'm as happy to watch C-SPAN as...well, as more than 99.95% of the population, but even I have my limits.

on 2009-10-13 22:28 (UTC)
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I need to cut down on my news stuff. Anytime I see stuff about sexual assault, it's a night full of nightmares.

on 2009-10-14 03:57 (UTC)
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538 is a fantastic blog.

I tend to get most of my world news through Towleroad, which is kind of a bad thing because everything there is filtered through a gay lens, so it's not exactly the most balanced perspective (a bit disproportionate). Haven't really found much to replace it with, though.

on 2009-10-18 05:50 (UTC)
Posted by (Anonymous)
+++ on matt taibbi! just finished his most recent piece on health care; he's the only writer on the topic who's really laying it on the table. Though This American Life just did a good hour this afternoon; but not nearly blistering enough. Boy, it's hard to write anything longer than a tweet on an iPhone.


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