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nails from the outside miss the inside stud they're supposed to go into

maybe that's all you can expect when you buy a cabin for $5000.

bought some hardware to build the tree bed. simpson strong-tie rules. i think i'll build my loft bed with their stuff too. if it's good enough for rafters, it's good enough to overbuild my bed.

walked in nanaimo river regional park, but i forgot to wear my forerunner, so i need to look up the distance tomorrow.

on 2009-05-22 09:09 (UTC)
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Beats having the nails actually stick out, I guess...

This project sounds intriguing!

on 2009-05-22 12:43 (UTC)
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It's the clinching over the nails rather than tapping them back out when one notices missing the stud that really gets me.

Not that I haven't seem something similar done with drywall screws in very expensive renovations...

on 2009-05-22 14:39 (UTC)
Posted by [personal profile] matthewdaly
I respect the single-mindedness of dedication. For me, on the second nail I'd be thinking "Have I gotten stronger, or am I missing the stud?"

on 2009-05-22 15:54 (UTC)
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We have built a lot of beds with strong-tie brackets over the years (also raised beds, chicken coops, etc. etc.) My brother is a big fan. If you want to overbuild, strong-tie brackets and screws are the way to go. *GRIN*

on 2009-05-24 23:42 (UTC)
Posted by [personal profile] flarenut
Yum. I think I will remember that.

If you're using a nailer, you don't think anything. And it's pretty clear there was a nice straight chalk line on the outside, just in the wrong place...

Re: not thinking while doing

on 2009-05-28 14:34 (UTC)
Posted by [personal profile] flarenut
Ah. You have a point then. But I'm still not surprised by the clinching. I've been known to do that sometimes (mostly when disassembling old stud walls). It's much easier and faster than hammering nails back out (especially when they're cheapo bendy nails), doesn't require a claw hammer, and doesn't damage the surface...


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