Aug. 26th, 2006 23:15
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makes it the last load of laundry in the washer. today was a productive if dull day; the landlords are away celebrating the wedding of their eldest, and we have the dog, and the laundry facilities. so that's what i spent most of the day doing, including hanging stuff on the line to dry. walked the dog, too, and deep-watered all the plants, ours and theirs (i want some rain!). and cooked a real dinner (pork tenderloin in korma sauce with noodles and cucumber salad -- my stout little cukes are very yummy this year). ha. i feel almost like a normal person.

and for once the novel that i thought should have won the hugo, did win it. spin by robert charles wilson (another fine canadian writer). the best book i've read yet this year.

the hugo winners.

oh, and i harvested some daucus carota seeds (wild carrot, or queen anne's lace), and mashed them up in the mortar to sniff what they smell like. mmmh! i have no idea how to describe that smell, but i like it a lot -- it's earthy, but not musty; more pungent, fresh, herbaceous, and a little bit spicy. daucus carota is one of the essential oils good for skin, especially irritations, and it's usually quite expensive (they're tiny seeds). i'm back thinking about building a still.


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