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you probably don't need this advisory, because you better know what you're doing.

microsoft has released a patch for the latest security problem. if it's not coming down the pike for you automatically, read the release bulletin, which will also point you at the update centre where you can download it. note that contrary to lots of suspicion in the blogosphere this doesn't appear to require upgrading either from windows 98/ME nor from XP SP1.

if you followed the directions in the post i pointed at, you should now uninstall the unofficial patch (from control panel -> add/remove software). you can do so either before or after installing M$'s patch.

the state of the piranha: cranky, tired, but not unhappy per se, just mired in tedium. i've been incessantly fighting with my system, trying to get my video card driver upgraded to handle a newer version of openGL for a new piece of software to run adequately, which is a horrid chore -- install a driver, reboot, find out whether it works, uninstall, reboot, rinse, lather, repeat. dear toshiba: you suck. just because nvidia's reference drivers rule doesn't mean you should have just fallen down on the job of keeping a finger on the pulse. so now they no longer support the card; how about you do?

this explains my absence in IM. i am not keeping up with LJ or email either; sorry everyone. but all this rebooting is getting me to pare my startups down. ghod, how overloaded windows gets with crap that people decide should all run at startup time. ASK ME whether i want it or not! period cleaning; not just for spring anymore.

on 2006-01-06 12:04 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] surelars.livejournal.com
All this endless patching feels like such a glorious waste of time. But ya gotta do it. Just spent the morning patching a few linux boxes, the two windows boxes at home, my laptop, my office desktop, and a bunch of apps while I was at it.

Now I'm going to take advantage of the increased productivity the comes with modern IT. Harumph.

on 2006-01-19 23:15 (UTC)
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Meant to write this earlier: Thanks for posting this! I don't have automatic updates turned on because I don't like things surreptitiously downloading multi-megabyte files on my modem connection (it makes me nervous, as well as slowing it down), and had been expecting to wait until the following Tuesday when the initial reports had claimed the patch would be out.

In my case, the Windows startup time is negligible compared to the time it takes for this computer to go through its RAM check. This does not mean that Windows starts quickly -- just that the RAM check is nearly five minutes.... I don't reboot much.


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