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how old this building is:

also, having random thoughts about the nature of symbols. too unformed to talk about as yet.

state of the herbal experiment:

not sedative! in fact, it feels slightly stimulating; my heart rate definitely goes up a little after consuming it. it tastes better warm than cold, alas, which makes drinking it right now difficult, since, you know, summer: already hot enough. maybe i'll experiment with adding some citrus. also maybe drink smaller portion more times a day. not like there is any idea of dosage here anyway, *sigh*. why don't they make small, cheap desktop gas chromatographs for amateur chemists? [1]

still, not having the sweaty sock experience with valerian. i can sort of smell why some people seem to experience it that way; the potential is clearly there for me too, but even when freshly compared (because sweaty socks are easily come by in this house), the valerian wins by several root lengths because of the aromatic overtones, which i like.

it could be that this is a feature of my european-bred nose -- i don't have anywhere near the abhorrence of strong body odours that north american peeps seem to have, and hey, i actively like the smell of horse manure (when it's not piled up in a stable and reeking of pure ammonia, that is).

[1] small, as it turns out, is entirely possible. they even make the damn things portable these days. wow. too cool. this site is fun because they let you put together your own. well, there is a gift to put on a wedding registry read by wealthy patrons. i mean, if one were to have a wedding. or wealthy patrons. which i'm not.
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