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seen on my flist just now:

How did I go from reading Milton Erickson to downloading "Ross Jeffries - How to Seduce Women for Threesome Sex - NLP (recommended)"?

oh, *shudder*. that brings back memories i could well do without! seems that twit hasn't changed one bit, eh. and "recommended"? WTF? who in the world recommends this claptrap? i guess some shill or another.
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i wish i could say i was productive today, but no. due to my own stupidity, i am right back on sleeping days, and that always slows me down some extra. i was gonna vacuum and dust, but somehow i never feel like doing that when it's dark outside. i'll probably bake bread, since i am almost out, and i actually have sourdough starter ready. or maybe i'll make some more of my recently invented "cinnamon buns" (that's what the original recipe was for, but because i am not eager for cinnamon, i use cardamom, cloves, and nutmeg instead, and because i am lazy, i don't make buns, but stack layers of dough - filling - dough into a casserole dish and bake that.). i should come up with a name for this, it's very tasty. i could make the filling part poppyseed; i think i have enough left.

mentally i remain in the BSG universe. it's safer there than in the real world. man, that's a dire pronouncement, *wry grin*. i feel incredibly down on the real world right now. so very tired of all the ... crap.

minor depressive episode? i am also sleeping more and eating less, so i should watch out for that.

i ran afoul of the rules on "television without pity". there's some pretty good BSG discussion, and now that i am caught up i thought it'd be a good place for me to get some of this BSG overload out of my system. but they apply the sort of moderation that i haven't seen in ages, complete with moderators actually editing people's posts -- rules about spelling appear to be a big deal, and being as i don't capitalize, i was warned off. reminded me of my own days as moderator, and how at times hard and fast rules seemed like they'd be a good idea. not because it actually improved the discussion, but because it made dealing with the misfits easier. i still think i rather argue nuanced rationale than make "one size fits all" rules, even though arguing with rules lawyers can get so tiring. which reminds me of news.groups -- rules lawyers galore. and man, if anything lowers the quality of conversation, it's rules lawyers. but one could handle that by making the hard rule that all discussion about rules goes into a separate section. which unfortunately isn't done so easily on usenet.

but the TWoP experience just illustrated once again how the free-for-all of usenet has spoiled me, and how much it has taught me, and how very much i prefer it now to anything else. i guess i should check out alt.battlestar-galactica. off i go...
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i posted this to alt.poly (and will repost it if it doesn't show up), and am reposting it here because while there is a lot of overlap, it's not 100%.

ok, so it's quickly becoming obvious that my ISP's newsfeed sucks, at least on the outgoing side (i've posted 33 posts, but can only find 16 ‍in my incoming feed and on google). that's an unacceptable loss rate, and this doesn't bode well for incoming traffic where it's harder to ‍determine how much i might be missing.

are there still any good, free feeds out there? if not free, how about at least good?
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stef and brooks lured me back into alt.poly by callously tossing a troll into my water. i got to bite the troll -- which is always satisfying -- and many oldbies are very welcoming, which makes me feel like i am having a sort of homecoming (of which i've never had any meatspace experience, *heh*).

posting (and reading) through google groups sucked so bad that i immediately gave up on it, and switched (for now) to using opera's newsreader. i am not sure whether the posting works -- this is certainly something where the distributive form factor of usenet is much more of an annoyance to me now than it used to be; i've really gotten used to writing my bit and posting it (and then, despite earlier proofreading, finding a typo and immediately editing it).

but the immense relief at seeing so many people i like/respect/find interesting all involved in the same conversations is a little bit of a surprise. i knew i missed that, i knew i've been irked by the fractured nature of lj discussions ever since i started to keep an lj, but i didn't realise how very strongly i felt that.
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the last few days i've been missing usenet a lot, which reminded me to pull this comment from a thread else-lj. somebody said: blogs and journals appear to be where intelligent and witty people went to be boring and banal.

and i replied:

oh yeah, this is where i went to be banal. pretty much explicitly. because that's how much of my life is, banal. that's also where i derive some of my greatest pleasures, in the small daily things around me. and i write a journal in order to communicate those little things to those who know me and care to hear from me. there aren't enough hours in the day to write email to everyone i like, thoughtful email takes a lot of energy, and less thoughtful but still connective email can't bear being written several times to several people. ergo, my LJ.

it could use more thoughtful posts, mind. it's not that i no longer think intelligently, or that i put more effort into my usenet posts, but i put rather less of the deep stuff in my LJ than i ever put on usenet. i am not entirely certain why that is. maybe because it's either a very solitary task (while i am learning about a subject), or one that gains immeasurably from exposure to other intelligent people, and the latter is very clearly a task for usenet, IMO. not that there aren't intelligent people on LJ, but random folks don't drive by like they do on usenet, and then there's the weird ethos of respecting the space of a person's LJ which seems to me to extend to being much more wishy-washy and polite, and carrying real critical analysis on in one's own LJ, and *bang!* fractured conversation, impossible to track.

i'm still experimenting with the format, and it's not even really close to what i want it to be for myself.


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