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from a discussion elsejournal comes this statement:

"The Internet is uniquely un-suited to emotional content."

agree, or disagree? why?

discuss if you would be so kind.

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i don't have the energy to do anything myself today, but i want to throw my support behind those who do, because i grew up -- in terms of the net -- within the gift culture, and will cherish it and participate in it until the day i die. i buy lots of fiction, manga, and some fine art because i've encountered the creators and/or their free samples online, so this attitude isn't particularly anti-capitalism even though it springs from the gift culture. but it is decidedly against the dimwitted sort of economics howard v. hendrix purports.

[livejournal.com profile] papersky is collecting links with contributions. and there's a community: [livejournal.com profile] ipstp. enjoy!

oh, and hendrix? am not likely gonna buy anything written by him again. not even just because of the ignorant and insulting rant, but because i still haven't managed to get through light paths after the second try. that's two strikes; with this many great authors out there, somebody in line for the third goes straight to the back burner. and since i won't be able to read anything good by hendrix on the web that would allow me to change my current opinion, tough noogies, eh.


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