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i have a cat with goldfish brains(not the one in the icon, this one.
- shadow was trapped in the attic.
- she mewled piteously.
- we took a ladder out to her.
- she wouldn't go, too steep.
- we wrapped towels around the rungs for better traction.
- she went on first run, not good enough.
- we took the ladder inside where there is attic access and less steepness.
- she wouldn't come down.
- i went up to pick her up. she didn't like that.
- we lured her with cat food treat at bottom.
- no good.
- finally we left to give her time to consider and maybe come down on her own (she used to do that all the time).

a few minutes later:
she barrelled down the outside (where the ladder had been before), sliding down the wall. then she went inside to eat the treat.

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dear LJ abuse team:  you have as much of my confidence as you ever had, and that goes most of all for rahaeli.  you do as good a job as you possibly can under the circumstances, and too damn few people ever say thanks.  don't let those breast-feeding nazis get you down.  it's not your fault that the purity police runs the US, who are only thinking of The Chillldrun when anything remotely sexual is involved.

i can only roll my eyes at some of the abject nonsense i've been reading.  to think i didn't know that you preferred kitten killers over breast-feeding mothers!  ghod.  i'm bowing out of reading any further posts about the subject; that shite is bound to lower my IQ.


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