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returning to the study of japanese means that i'm again mainlining anime in my free time; i've got quite a bit stored up from a couple of years ago.

tales of the abyss (shounen[1]) is based on a video game. normally i avoid such anime if i haven't played the game, because the anime tends to be directed at people who are familiar with the game, which means newcomers often don't have implied information and it becomes hard to figure out what's actually going on. but hey, this one has suzuki chihiro voicing not just one, but two characters, and i've made it my life's goal to watch/listen to everything he's done :). click to read the whole thing )

overall i'd recommend it for fans of the game, and of anime in general, but not to people who want an interesting intro to anime, or an outstanding example of it.
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so i am on record about being willing to listen to the tokyo phonebook being read by some of my favourite seiyuu. or any other phonebook, for that matter, as long as it's thick.

today i found something that is even worse.

my favourite seiyuu counting sheep (200, i believe) so as to make it easier for fans to fall asleep.

hitsuji de oyasumi 4, suzuki chihiro and toriumi kousuke. no sex tonight for mr gayboy, we're counting sheep in japanese.


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