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link and content farms piss me off because due to google's algorithm they contaminate a lot of my search results. i wish there were a quick and easy way to exclude them. heck, i am even willing to add them to a blacklist by hand, if it took only one click.

i've looked for a chrome extension, but so far no luck.

while browsing for help with this, i found a new search engine that might just do the trick: blekko. primarily blekko attempts to improve the search experience by facilitating vertical searches via so-called "slashtags", each of which represents a collection of web sites on a specific topic. there are a bunch of slashtags built into blekko so you can search, for example, for "blekko /reviews /date", and that gives you reviews of blekko sorted by date. you can search /blogs /liberal /date egypt", and it'll find you, sorted by date, posts about egypt on blogs that have been classified as liberal. and then you can do the same for conservative blogs. and for libertarian ones. you can look for "/people blacksmith", which finds you people with the last name of blacksmith. now, it also finds people who are blacksmiths, and people who've written articles on blacksmiths, but it is bound to reduce the items one needs to look through considerably. you can eliminate all the spam that'll flood the google results for "migraine relieve" by adding "/health" to the search. there are also API slashtags, that let you search amazon, youtube, flickr and others (yes, also other search engines).

for people interested in SEO data, there's a "/rank" slashtag that lets you actually see some of the insides of how blekko makes decisions on which info to present to you.

in addition to creating slashtags, blekko is smart enough to let people create their own, which they can either keep private, or share with the community. this could build up a nice web of trust; become sort of the wikipedia of search. you can subscribe to those as well, so you'll get updated when the owner changes something. i'm gonna replace my bookmark lists with slashtags right away; it'll be so much more convenient to find information which i generally get from specific sites anyway.

and last but not least they have the very thing i was looking for, a "spam" button next to every search result which i can click to never see that site again. this will quite possibly get me to switch my primary search engine to blekko, though for now it'll have its own tab right next to several google ones i have open at all times.

there are, of course, limitations, and blekko does not yet consistently perform better than google; in some cases it does worse, or presents results less conveniently. i'm not gonna ditch google for a long time, if ever. but for a newcomer to the field, this is mighty impressive. and you know? we need more solid companies in the field, because i am not at all comfortable with leaving all my search experience in the hands of google and microsoft (i don't actually use bing at all because i hate microsoft too much).
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i am pretty adept at searching, but there are some things on this list that i didn't know about.

via [livejournal.com profile] metafilter.

of course it also helps to read the fine manual now and then. or to print this cheat sheet and hang it next to the monitor.


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