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[livejournal.com profile] eub wanted to see my favourite tree. being as i am polyamorous in all aspects of my life, i don't just have one, but three favourites in the immediate neighbourhood.

#1 (not in order of preference) is the large bigleaf maple next to the driveway. two treehuggers cannot encircle the trunk in their embrace. :) i had to take 2 pictures and composite them to get it all into one image.

#2 is this western redcedar, in a lovely clump, along the mailbox walk.

#3 is my tiny ginkgo tree, of which i can't take a good picture until i've tied the bloody asters back which are trying to overwhelm that entire bed.
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today's accomplishment: spreadsheets for insectifuge and complex lotion calculation. i need a scale that can indicate smaller increments than the one we got.

went to point roberts memorial park for the evening walk, which was lovely -- i hadn't planned to go into the water, but the siren call was too strong, so i whipped off my tshirt and gave it to the paramour to keep dry, and waded in. too cold of course, at first, but that immediately faded to a refreshing coolth. very clear water with the tide just coming in. lots and lots of little crabs who scuttled away, but quickly returned to try and eat me. they are so tenacious, the little buggers; they'll grab onto a fingernail and i can lift them entirely out of the water then.

books in progress:

david m. pierce, angels in heaven -- just a few pages more while eating. it's a little too self-consciously hardboiled.

mandy aftel, essence and alchemy: a natural history of perfume -- not in the mood for it today.
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because of too much bloody sunshine (i am not kidding!), and can therefore not be "arsed" to write anything worth reading, i point you at saturday's hike report and two bits of hideous punning by the paramour.
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today, i've been doing nothing, except a bit of gardening -- mostly weeding (effing bindweed is still trying to pull one over on me). and i harvested most of my lavender x intermedia; left some for the bees. no new perfume experiments tonight; my room smells lovely from the lavender that's drying.

i was gonna go across to vancover for [livejournal.com profile] shaddyr's house filk, but yesterday's impromptu little walk turned into a serious hike, and i was just too tired today to deal with that long a trip. damn. i hope everyone who's made it there is having fun.

pictures tomorrow.


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