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maybe instead of pic spamming the comments in my own LJ i should make an actual post, eh. because i really don't have enough pictures yet to do it properly, unlike certain people (looks at aja).

the insomnia continues, though i actually had a few hours of solid sleep in there somewhere today. the schedule is so fuxx0red that i don't really know whether it's dawn or dusk should i wake around that time, and the date? what date. oh, it's the weekend. i was gonna watch BSG with the *poing*, *sigh*, but i tried to sleep instead.

the sex drive has not abated yet. i'm sure it doesn't help that i keep looking at bishounen (pretty boys), but oh well. to counteract that a little i just watched the final episode of busukoi (busu no hitomi wa koishiteru), which provided a satisfying ending to an odd little comedy drama (i wrote a wee bit about it, but should really write a full review; it was fun).

before going to sleep i watched loveless which then instantly shot to my #1 anime as regards being interesting -- not heartwarming, not genital-warming, but ... interesting. dark, disturbing, but not needlessly angsty, and definitely thought-provoking. i came across it through an artbook and i just loved the art so much that i torrented down the anime and manga to give it a try. now, what little i read about it didn't sound promising: while it's shounen-ai (boy's love), it features kemono, cat boys and girls (oh, please, must we?), the lead character is 12 (and i am definitely not into shouta -- always good to see that i do still have some lines in the shifting sands, *snrk*). but really, the art was so good that i had to see it.

and i am damn glad. first off, there is no actual sex with prepubescent children. there are a couple of kisses, and there's definitely innuendo, but our would-be pedophile claims he's not into shota either. *whew*. the cat ears and tails are cute, but not played up much per se as cute -- they're an outward sign of virginity which disappears once a person has done the deed. that's interesting to think about -- what sort of a world would it be if everyone could see that sort of thing about us? also: for the first time that i've seen in an anime ever, somebody is actually in therapy! and: lesbians! who do not die but walk off into the sunset together.

anyway, i'll write a more in-depth post with thoughts about it later, but am gonna post some of the art here. the artist is kouga yun (who also did earthian many years ago).


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