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ok, so i am high on yaoi crack, and my favourite drug is called "fujimi orchestra", the love story of conductor tounoin kei and violinist morimura yuuki, and their orchestra. unfortunately in english there's only one subbed OAV (which isn't even particularly representative of just how good this series is), and a short scanlated manga. the majority of the crack is in novels (more than 30 of them! written by akizuki kou.) and at least 15 drama CDs, almost none of which have been translated. if you watch the OAV based on the wikipedia article (or my burbling) [1], be warned that it is much darker than the series as a whole, and that our narrator pretty much gets raped (even though it's supposedly based on a misunderstanding, and he does enjoy himself). yeah, i know -- *major sigh*. i don't understand why i can put up with crap in yaoi that would totally infuriate me in real life or even in regular fiction.

i've been sleeping with recordings of some of the drama CDs because, ya know, 置鮎 龍太郎 okiayu ryoutarou, and even more so in this case 増谷 康紀 masutani yasunori, whose velvety voice could bring about global warming all by itself. i sorta know what happens in the first and fourth drama because the manga covers most of it (though it shortens things and changes the order). and listening to them over and over, interspersed with dictionary searches, i can recognize more and more words.

so now i am thinking of translating the 2nd drama CD (the first one is the only one that has been done). that is insane. my japanese is too rudimentary. but i can't stand not knowing just exactly what is being said in some of the emotional scenes. i can catch the "i love you's" in their various forms, and "no, no, don't, stop, don't stop", but there is so much more to this than the hot and sweaty stuff, and very poetic-sounding stuff about music that i am missing. so, i want to translate it. *sigh*. that's way too ambitious a project to start with, but my heart's set on it now.

i want to inhale japanese. and the near-total immersion is working well so far; i am listening to japanese all day now, to japanese anime, to japanese music to which i sing along when i can; i go to bed and fall asleep with headphones on, listening to drama CDs. and as a result not only is my vocabulary growing way beyond studying, but i've got a sense for the rhythm of the language now, which a week ago had still seemed so alien. that is such a good feeling; it's almost akin to learning a new manual skill and doing it for the first time just right, unconsciously almost, so it ... suddenly flows and feels just perfect. japanese now sounds "right" to me.

oh, and the music! the music is so wonderful in this -- it's for the most part classical, plus some themes were specially composed for the series (like the one that causes kei to fall in love with yuuki when he hears him play it, *awww*). it is all very well done, the music fits the emotional tone of the scenes, and i am completely over the moon for it all.

though i'll never be able to listen to wagner's tannhäuser overture again without squirming in my seat. :) which might not be a loss but a gain; i haven't actually been much of a wagner fan. the drama! but it fits; the scene is ultra-dramatic, and so is kei.

part of the reason why i am taking to this so much is that it's revived memories of growing up with radio dramas. i used to listen to those under the covers, on my first transistor radio that i had bought with my own savings. i had forgotten all about that, and how much enjoyment i got from it. it's not all about the sex! :)

[1] loads of fujimi crack can be found at music of the heart, including the OAV and the drama CDs.


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