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returning to the study of japanese means that i'm again mainlining anime in my free time; i've got quite a bit stored up from a couple of years ago.

tales of the abyss (shounen[1]) is based on a video game. normally i avoid such anime if i haven't played the game, because the anime tends to be directed at people who are familiar with the game, which means newcomers often don't have implied information and it becomes hard to figure out what's actually going on. but hey, this one has suzuki chihiro voicing not just one, but two characters, and i've made it my life's goal to watch/listen to everything he's done :). click to read the whole thing )

overall i'd recommend it for fans of the game, and of anime in general, but not to people who want an interesting intro to anime, or an outstanding example of it.
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ok, this is the middle of march. i've had it with the freezing temperatures. i want to start gardening! this winter has been unseasonably cold. it's not like i wouldn't have hermitted anyway, but i've been extremely bad about leaving the house, and the cold is not helping. the older i get the more narrow the range of temperatures in which i feel really comfortable.

i was gonna put the sole picture i've taken of a snowdrop cluster here, but photoshop's filebrowser is still busy thumbnailing aegis' image drive, which it has now been doing for more than two hours -- that was probably not a bright idea, to let it start doing that. i need to do better digital asset management. really, the images should move onto the external drive.

i am listening now almost exclusively to jpop/jrock. me -> handbasket -> hell. i blame BUMP OF CHICKEN (lead singer of which is in my icon)(ghod, i have a japanese boyband singer in my userpic. shoot me now.). except how can i not love a group called "bump of chicken", i ask you. no really, i should blame aja. *hearts aja*.

yesterday i spent several (3? 4? 5? time escaped.) hours trying to translate 3 scenes from (another) manga that has sucked me in.
jinian: gokujou no koibito by minase masara -- very, very pretty bois, great dynamic between the characters. i loved that lots of people on [livejournal.com profile] yaoi_daily couldn't tell who the seme was until they were right in the act. probably her best after empty heart. maybe even better. hard to tell; there are 4 chapters missing out of 13, and only 2 are scanlated; empty heart is much shorter. there is something about her characters that hooks me even in her oneshots, but i don't know quite what.

cast: yoshimi (dark hair), masahiro (glasses). text removed to prevent innocent eyes from burning. gayboy is developing a crush on masahiro. down, gayboy. you do not need two lovers. i need some rest.

i must stop with the translation attempts, really. it takes up so much time, and i am so bad at it yet. however much i want it, i can't force the absorption of japanese at that level. i do get something out of it; it feels really amazing when i decipher a key kanji, and suddenly the phrase sounds in my mind, and i RECOGNIZE it. but my time would be better spent conjugating verbs and learning about sentence structures.

more detail about my kanji adventures in yaoiland than most anyone will care to read )


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