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i shall just have to give up trying to write a rational review of nobuta wo produce, because really, all i can do is squee.

i want you all to watch it. i can't think of anything else right now about which i'd say that.

i am tearing up just thinking about it. and that's me; i don't tear up this way easily, this way that feels true, not manipulated. i usually resent it when television or film try to pull my heart strings. but this, this touches me where i live.

nobuta wo produce is a japanese television drama about ...
shuuji (kamenashi kazuya). he's popular and easy-going, always joking around, helping people out, everyone's pal. except that nobody knows shuuji is a liar. shuuji has invented this version of himself in order to skate through high school without any true emotional investment. he doesn't actually care; it's all a game to him.
akira (yamashita tomohisa). he's mostly shunned by his classmates, because he is weird, eccentric, with no sense for proper social interaction, touchy-feely in a culture that is anything but. even shuuji who gets along with everyone tells akira to get out of his face. (not that akira listens...)
nobuta (horikita maki). she's sullen and silent, hiding behind a curtain of hair, shuffling through life hoping at best to be ignored. isolated and bullied mercilessly, nearly suicidal, she has given up on people.

nobuta becomes the new student in shuuji and akira's class, and after seeing her bullied, akira decides something needs to be done, and drags the initially unwilling shuuji into a plan to secretly "produce" nobuta: make her popular. shuuji accepts because hey, that's the biggest challenge he's had in a while, what a capital game.

nothing in this drama is quite as might be expected from that initial plot. there are so many ways this could be done badly; we've all seen them. but no, not here. it's brilliant. even if all the adults in the show are nuts. or maybe in part because? yeah, i think so; it's just now sinking in how much that is a metaphor, really. it's all about friendship, and how much it matters, how much it can change and enrich your life.

it makes me want to call everyone i've ever loved and tell them that i still love them today.

i got the paramour to watch it. and even the paramour cried. read the review.

watch it. like any good pimp, i'll help you by providing a taste in the f-locked post following this (f-locked just because i don't have the bandwidth to be eaten by random googlers), and a link to the rest of the episodes (there are 10). it'll appear about 4 hours from now (because *wah*, small upload pipeline). if you're reading my LJ, are now sold on watching it, but are not on my f-list, let me know here, and i'll give you access. there is also a good, active torrent out there (raws with soft subs), if you prefer that: http://d-addicts.net/torrents/nobuta%20wo%20produce.torrent.

and now for some totally irrational squeeing and more pic spam )
*wibble*. so, so good in every which way. my heart-felt thanks go to [livejournal.com profile] bookshop for squeeing about it so exuberantly that i had to take notice. though i am not sure the paramour will thank her once japanese boyband pictures appear on the walls.


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