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i should probably just do this every time i walk instead of saving them up, and maybe say something about the walk. we'll see.

03-16 mailbox++ 2.5 km 0:40
03-17 millstone side channel 2:30
03-18 mailbox++ 2.5 km 0:40
03-21 buttertubs marsh 2.4 km 1:10
03-24 mailbox++ 2.5 km 0:45
03-28 mailbox 2.0 km 0:28
04-01 colliery dam 3.4 km 1:20
04-02 lost lake & bickerton bluffs 5.2 km 2:01
04-03 linley valley 7.5 km 3:42
04-05 reservoir 1.5 km 1:05
04-06 lantzville foothills 5.4 km 2:25
04-07 jameson -> ammonite falls -> galloway gulch -> west 9.5 km 4:06
04-10 mailbox++ 2.5 km 0:52

the *poing* gets here on saturday. wonder how much walking we're gonna do. :)
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i've walked a lot lately, and i think it'll make me feel good if i keep track of it for the time being. i also want to draw up routes for most of these in google maps/earth and link pictures at some later time.

03-01 hemer park main loop 1:30 hrs 4 km
03-06 weigles rd -> flynnfalls cr -> benson cr -> return 2:20 hrs 4.3 km
03-07 weigles rd -> benson cr gorge -> return 2:20 hrs
03-08 port alberni coombs candy -> hole in the wall etc -> return 2:20 hrs
03-09 port alberni coombs candy -> stokes cr falls etc -> return 2:40 hrs
03-11 neck point park 2:45 hrs 3.5 km
03-12 westwood lake large loop 3:10 hrs 6 km
03-14 long mailbox loop 0:40 hrs
03-15 maffeo sutton park -> millstone river -> caledonia park -> quick loop back 2:00 hrs
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coastal mountains

view of sunshine coast (mainland BC) from ridge above flynnfall creek.

went somewhere completely new today in order to ferret out the general area of a set of waterfalls that are in an undeveloped regional park, which is criss-crossed by many trails used by mountain bikes, dirt bikes, and ATVs, plus a few logging roads. i had a rough map of the area (BC's openmap project rocks), plus the view from google maps' satellite.

i knew the path i wanted to take would probably not get me to any falls, but i wanted to see/feel the lay of the land, and check out the creeks at the upper end of the area.

well, the land is rugged. up and down and up and down, the creeks running in steep ravines -- just the sort of thing you'd kinda expect when waterfalls are advertised. much of it densely forested -- no old growth, but mature trees; lots of fallen, overgrown branches on the ground, moss everywhere, and salal. the view above was achieved after scrambling off the path into a former clearcut with ~10m regrowth, where an embankment allowed a bit of a view, much interrupted by the occasional taller trees. i managed to crop this bit from between -- the light on the coast was beautiful, while it was raining on me. :)

with maps in hand i pondered several times which fork to take, and actually ended up at benson creek, upstream of the area where the biggest fall (ammonite fall) is located. and it was way cool -- not a big fall, just a tiny one off a long shelf ledge, and i had to scramble down the ravine and through the brush to get any pictures, but it was a great reward after flynnfalls creek which i crossed early had been rather a disappointment. i'll post the mini-falls picture tomorrow.

total of 4.8 km, took me about 2 hours 15 min with frequent stops for photographs (some great fungi), even though of course it was too dark and i didn't bring my tripod (*slaps self*).
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today the paramour dragged me out to go for a wike. well, "dragged". i wasn't actually opposed, but knew that if i thought about it, i'd whine about how it was too hot, so i just got up, held my head under running water to clean my hair, and off we went.

the last two times we tried to walk the cable bay / dodd narrows trail, we started too late and had to turn around half way. it's only a 6 km round trip -- about an hour and a half each way, the way i walk (stopping not infrequently to take photographs). half of the trail goes downhill, the rest is small up-and-down right along the coast. the first half is very easy to walk (aside from coming back uphill!) because it's covered with bark mulch, which makes it really springy; the second half is a narrow, rocky path, but not bad. it's almost entirely shaded and has the type of ecosystem common to our coast: douglas-fir, western redcedar, ferns, salal, oregon grape. good eating right now, because the salal berries are ripe, which i love and nobody else seems to care to munch on. the oregon grapes are ripe too, but are really too tart to eat raw. also, native blackberries (which don't compare well with the very sweet himalayan ones side by side, but if one forgets about the latter, the native ones come into their own; a much more subtle taste). it's a veritable feast.

so we walked and walked, and i took pictures because for once it wasn't too dark! i'll upload them tomorrow. nothing much happening at the cable bay bridge; in winter there are usually stellar's sea lions on the log booms, and bald eagles hang out here as well. in summer the best you can do is observe the rotting cables from old log booms -- since i have a thing for gigantic toolage, that's always fun. contemplated swimming just a bit past the bridge where there's a large shelf of sandstone easing into the water, but wanted to walk to the narrows first. got there and watched the tidal currents -- it was close to high tide, and probably a 5-6 knot current. the narrows really are narrow; just 55m wide. and the currents can get really fast; up to 9 knots. not the thing to try and go against in a sailboat, or a canoe or kayak; it's a maelstrom there.

so we get there and watch a couple of boats go through, one of which decided to ignore the "no wake zone" exhortation. once through, the dipshits stopped, and were looking for something. we turned and looked too, and then we saw it:

orca in dodd narrows orca in dodd narrows

saw a small pod (3 different orcas surfaced). they were travelling through the narrows and then up the coast towards harmac. so exciting!

that was totally cool; the first time we've seen orcas right here at home. well worth the trip, even if my left foot hurts now.

on the way back we stopped at the cedar brook restaurant in cedar, where i had their most excellent chicken souvlaki. great day!


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