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i could have sworn i posted about this when i first heard they were about to release it, but can't find it now.

anyway, sony has released its electronic book reader, ever so originally called the "sony(r) portable reader system". the price tag is too steep for me as yet at U$350, but this is the first of all the ebook readers that seriously tempts me. and the really good news is that they're backordered already until end of november, so it sounds like interest is higher than expected (or maybe sony is being an ass and trying to hype it by making it harder to get?).

it's still far from ideal, but it's starting to really aim in the right direction:

  • large, daylight-readable e-ink display (6" diag, 170 ppi)
  • changeable text size
  • awesome battery life (7500 page-turns; page display itself uses hardly any charge)
  • memory capacity for hundreds of books (64MB internal, can use SD memory and memory stick (tm))
  • lightweight (about 9oz), about the size of a paperback
  • can read txt, pdf, rtf, word (via conversion), and sony's proprietary ebook format
  • graphics support at 4 levels of grayscale (jpg, png, gif, bmp)
  • audio support (mp3, aac)
maybe for my birthday...

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went to michaels today to get a new crochet hook, since my 4.0mm one disappeared on me during the montreal trip. also wanted to check out their new yarns, since i had already drooled all over my LYS. turned out they had some new patons, and i got a few sample balls.
patons pooch (63% acrylic, 27% wool, 10% nylon), colour "lamb"
patons SWS (70% wool, 30% soy), colour "natural pink"
patons be mine (100% nylon), colour "wuzzy white" (*urk*)
patons cici (68% acrylic, 32% nylon), colour "starry night"

whoa, the colour balance is off terribly, still. i really need to create a new usermode on my camera to deal with the changed lighting in my room. just imagine the background and the left bottom ball to be pure white, *sigh*. i really like the soy/wool blend, it comes in a number of nice colours -- i'm not usually into pink, but i actually like this soft off-white -> pink -> green colourway. i'm gonna knit up a swatch to see how it'll felt. it's a single ply, so that alone will make it considerably different from my standby patons "classic wool", and we'll see about the soy. the "be mine" is another 100% nylon one which means it'll dye superbly and be great for people with wool allergies, and for cancer caps.

also bought a spiffy new spoolknitting toy, a wonder knitter (though mine is not that obsessively pink). good for fast i-cords! i am mostly gonna use it for wire.

the *poing* left for the long autumn vacation today. *sniff*. and the paramour is gonna leave this weekend for 2 months with LMPS in burbank, so soon i'll be all alone. maybe i'll get my room cleaned up and remodelled this time.

oh, and i kicked mozilla to the curb. welcome back, opera, my dear. aaand, as some of you already noticed, i'm back in alt.poly, and no longer through google. :) i might check back in ssm as well.


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