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we have a new door! the landlord knew of this place in coombs that has recycled building supplies (sort of like the local restore, which is a habitat for humanity project). ha! this place, demxx deconstruction is several orders of magnitude better than the restore; it's huge. i'm going back just for ideas and to take pictures of textures. they had quite a number of patio doors in our size, handedness, and even colour, and we picked a double-pane one. C$45 + tax. replacing the glass in the door would cost C$135 for a single pane alone. this way we figure the landlord gets two shots with the mower before having to buy another replacement.

and of course being in coombs meant that i could get drop. DROP! (licorice for you non-dutchies.) the wooden shoe has moved to the pine tree centre. i get homesick every time i walk in there; they have so much yummy dutchness like herring and gember koek (ginger cake), complete with all the tack too, like klompen (the ubiquitous wooden shoes) and every kind of delft blue tchotchke.

then we went to rathtrevor provincial park and walked in the water and through the douglas-fir forest adjoining the beach area. (link is for self to remember how to get a longer walk out of this trip, no pictures there.) if you want pictures, here's everybody's flickr images tagged with "rathtrevor" -- there are some really spiffy ones, better than mine -- and hey, already uploaded, which mine aren't.

on the way home we went to qualicum beach for dinner; stopped at a new hole-in-the-wall thai place (bangkok thai -- very original name), where the food hit the hungry spot, but was unfortunately nothing to write about.

and now to get out of these wet shoes and socks.


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