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WTF is going on with the SPD in germany? i kept only half an eye on the coalition talks because of other events, and now i see that the party is busy biting its own head off. *boggle*. man, i am so out of touch. i would have expected this to happen much sooner, if it was to happen. and what is this going to do to the grand coalition talks now, with the SPD in chaos after its chief müntefering, slated to be vice-chancellor and labour minister, stepped down in a huff? stoiber (CSU chief and designated economy minister) is making noises about not joining the cabinet either. chancellor-to-be merkel's job has just become immeasurably harder, if it is still possible at all.

let's see, are there english-speaking news sources that talk about this with any insight? *googles*.

this reuters report will do; the AP is even more removed from what's going on under the surface. the report doesn't really do justice to what lies behind müntefering's decision -- for the party to vote down his pick for second in command is unheard of. it's ... not done. i can't remember it ever happening. the left wing of the party must be so angry that they no longer care about political expediency. did i say *boggle*? *boggle*.

[* translation of this is a bit difficult. literally it means "collapsing new buildings", but it refers in specific to the butt-ugly, often shoddily built post-WWII medium-size tower buildings that still make up so many of germany's buildings, and present never-ending troubles. there is a band, famous in germany, that named itself Einstürzende Neubauten, so this is a pun of sorts. i'm afraid it's funnier if one speaks german.]


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