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been busy working on the boat for the last 6 months, not having had any energy for anything beyond that. i've taken over the primary contractor role for it, since nothing much was happening, and now things ARE happening. we're planning to launch this spring, and this time it's not just wishful thinking based on vague third-party promises, this time it's my own assessment from maintaining a massive task list, and being up to my neck in wood shavings, epoxy, and varnish.

am kinda proud of myself because it's a daily struggle to get myself out of the house and deal with other people, but i've been doing it despite the unusually cold winter weather, steadfastly, nearly every single day.

i'll be posting more pictures soon, and i also want to write up some of the finicky things i've learned about building stuff to fit in boats.

this photo is from the big accomplishment in late october; spray painting the final 2 coats of the hull, it shows the starboard side freshly painted, while the port side shows the sanded surface. i sanded the entire hull by myself; well, me and my trusty 5" ryobi orbital sander. it was not made for this, but it's been hanging in there, kinda like me. ;)

the colours are impossible to get right in the shop because of its mix of lights -- the hull is a bit more shaded to green than it looks here.

half-painted, half-sanded hull

i hope y'all are having a good 2015. after the boat is launched i sure hope i might even get to read other people's musings again.
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click through for larger versions
heavy, solid, open-tread stairs with 5 treads going up in the left of the picture, behind them you can see part of the diesel engine. the stairs are hinged at the bottom so they can be flipped over to lean against the other side of the hull.
stairs going up, engine behind. treads protected by pads. stairs folded back, for better access to engine room and hanging locker.

i am standing in the fo'c's'le [ˈfoʊksəl], the cabin in the very front of the boat, which will be my space. i am looking towards the back of the boat. my loo will be in front of the red can (sorry, my MSD -- marine sanitation device). these stairs come out next to the pilot station, and there will be a door up there and a tambour closure so i can close the entire space off to cats, or to give privacy to a guest.

(don't pay attention to the style of this journal; i am experimenting with using LJ styles on DW.)
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last bulkhead put in place, a couple of frames sistered in the fo'c'sle; now all major structural work on the boat is done. flex tubes for hot water floor heating laid in the paramour's quarters. all cabin soles are in. about half the casework cabinets are built. hull and uppers are primed.

and shadow is eating regular kibble. we went from cream and egg, to tunawater and egg, to flaked tuna, to canned paté chopped in cream, straight back to kibble. she refused the liquified canned stuff i had fed her before the teeth came out, and she never wanted to touch canned chunks which she used to love. weird. but this is great; some cats don't ever go back to hard kibble after their teeth come out.

now the whole lot slinks around my feet and mreeps when i get up, feeling entitled to their share of goodies (because it is not possible to just give one cat special treatment in this house).

i am happy that shadow is alright again.

i've been unusually productive all week as well. yay!
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for the paramour's quarters -- brazilian cherry splined with holly. this isn't quite the right colour, because the light is very yellow in the shop and i always forget to correct my white balance for that. so imagine this overall a bit less yellow and the darker wood a bit more red.
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the boat is all epoxied, just in time before it gets too cold. the window frames for the pilot house are in. we've got a great, old, bronze anchor winch. also, P found 4 portholes for me! and we decided on a colour for the hull.
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boat: 2nd layer of glass done today, fo'c'sle layed out.

felt like crap because got up in a hurry after way too little sleep, rushed out of the house to drive to the boat, and then promptly got nauseated and had to withdraw to that private place with the throne. one of these days i shall learn that those getting-up conditions are stupid and i should just forget about the hurrying.

better now. but didn't go out to get halloween pictures. *grmp*. however, cooked a proper dinner for the 8th day in a row -- that's a real streak.
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the underside of the hull, after fairing (grinding and sanding until it is as smooth as possible).

i have total boat fever right now; projected launch date some time in february. the first layer of glass is on the hull, washed, and being faired right now. there'll be a second layer under the guard, and then we're done with the epoxying.

our closest grocery store moved into much larger quarters last night, and has a really lovely produce section now.
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small red dahlia.

the boat's starboard side has the first layer of cloth on the hull.

we went to look at the boat P had been working on when we first met him, which has now been in the water for a bit more than 4 years. since that's the prototype for a lot of the tech P uses on our boat, we wanted to see how some of the things had held up. pretty good -- almost all of it seems intact. outside brightwork isn't, but that seems purely due to lack of maintenance. there's an area that appears "active" on the port bow where there are a couple of cracks in the paint. that boat has only one layer of glass; we're doing two.

we also wanted to remind ourselves what the inside looks like, and we're pretty much going with the same general ideas -- we already have the cherry/cedar for the sole, and we'll do clear pine tongue-and-groove for the ceiling (unlike landbased houses, the ceiling is the inside lining of the hull; the area above your head is imaginatively called "overhead"). and birch veneer for the cabinets, and mahogany trim.

P and i will have a fight over the hull colour. he thinks it should be white. i want a dark hull. i think i'll write to the epoxy company so i can get first hand information that it won't cook the epoxy. it's not like we'll go to the caribbean any time soon.
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colchicum autumnale -- not actually a crocus.

rain rain rain. went to the shop to meet with P and discuss things about the boat we need to make decisions on. walked away with long list of things to do research on (mostly navigation instrumentation), and measurements for looking at shower inserts and faucets. tried out P's shower which at 32"x32" is comfortable enough, but we'd really like to get away with 30"x30" so we'll have more room for the head (= toilet). then went to dinner at mrs riches. caesar salad with spicy chicken -- yum.

the boat looks good; almost done with fairing the hull, and next week we'll start the sheeting. we're gonna change from dry exhaust to wet to gain more space and reduce heat in the salon/galley. we also scrapped the circular staircase into the fo'c'sle because while it is ever so sexy, it uses too much space. but P found bronze portholes, so i get those instead. :) his awesome scrounging talents also got us a used top-of-the-line wilcox crittenden head which is awesome.
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these are the latest bloomers in my garden (and i never planted them; an errant seedling settled in my 2nd bed, and it's now taking it over). these and the yellow & orange calendula will provide colour until frost.

did laundry most of the day and inaugurated the new outdoor dryer. mmh, laundry fresh from the line smells so good.

called P to restart work on the boat since the paramour did a cactusload of work on taxes et al, and we now know how much money we'll have to spend on it. if everything goes well, we actually might have it in the water in spring 2009. *crosses fingers*. *uncrosses them because woodworking isn't easy with crossed fingers*.


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