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well, today the decision had to be made. and i'm not going.

i argued with myself a lot over this. i had a good time last year; the bus trip was tiring, but mildly adventurous fun, meeting bunches of good people was pleasant, the con's programming was interesting, listening to intelligent people discuss things made me realize (again) how much i miss such a venue in general, learning from elise was inspiring, montréal was way cool (even if they stared at me), spending time just with papersky and rysmiel and zorinth was the best social time i had all year (and i do want to do it again; i really wish we lived in the same city) -- zorinth especially, since i never met him before, and meeting teenagers can be iffy. but he was smart and witty, and just a little mischievous; a delight to hang out with.

unfortunately i was completely exchausted afterwards, and no, not actually from the bus trip that much. i would probably catch a cold again, but even that is acceptable. but it took me more than 2 months to "bounce" back (actually more like 3, now that i think back). i never even managed to write up all the trip reports and post the pictures. and the depression is much worse this year; i don't think i could handle a long weekend with people. i have avoided seeing even local friends for a few hours (*guilt*), i can't kid myself that the NRE i have for all things farthing party will carry me through this time.

i bought a supporting membership anyway, and jo told me what it's going to be used for, and i'm happy about that. really, really happy. it is so cool! *bounce*.

i hope y'all have a wonderful time. i'll miss not being there.


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