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a pile of freshly ground flour
so i ground some wheat berries into flour.

the focus isn't quite where it should be, but of course i didn't see that until the flour had already been baked into yummy bread.

and wow, what a difference fresh flour makes. i don't usually much care for whole wheat breads, but this one was GOOD.

grinding 3 cups of wheat berries by hand into reasonably fine flour is quite the workout; i didn't do it in one stretch, but took breaks in between. if i continue with the physical labour in garden and house as i've started this year, soon i will have actual muscles.

the new grain mill (wonder mill junior) is excellent. i've wanted one for years, but could never see spending the money. however, this wasn't hideously expensive. i'll write a review as soon as i've tried grinding more things -- it has stones for dry goods, and steel burrs for oily ones.
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i am contemplating buying a washing machine. while in principle neither the paramour nor i mind doing the laundry at the laundromat, in practice we rarely actually feel like going when go we must. sink laundry is therefore not uncommon in this household. and my poor hands are unhappy about it. also, felting is a bitch without a machine.

we don't want to buy a full-sized washer. we don't have the room. i am also thinking of the boat, even though who knows when we'll actually be ready. still. it's always at the back of my mind. so i am contemplating one of three solutions:

i don't know whether one can even get these here. i used to have one many years ago when i was a student (not this exact one, but the same principle). they do an ok job, but in actuality for fewer clothes than advertised; the motors tend to be wimpy. they're messy, too; water can easily slop out the top even with the lid down. definitely not suited for a boat. also, have to wring out clothes by hand. but, small, and lots cheaper than a regular washer. ah yes, further search finds different models on the same principle such as this cylone model over here.

the wonder wash seems like just the thing for the boat. it closes completely. also, it washes under pressure which might actually get the laundry cleaner. maybe. and it works without electricity -- crank power, baby! i'm plenty cranky enough for that. i could do all my felting and possibly dyeing in it. disadvantage: at U$42.95 i can't imagine that we're getting primo quality components. how long will this thing last? also, 4 lb isn't a lot of laundry. but if we have it right here, we could do small loads often. except for blankets and the like, which we'd still have to take to the laundromat. again, hand wringing required. *sigh*.

then we make a big jump off the boat-compatible washers and arrive at compact washing machines such as this haier model. they spin! they're still small enough to fit into our shack (and can be rolled in front of the sink for washing).


anyone have personal experiences with any of these types that they feel like sharing?

(dear LJ -- stop fucking with the posting time, will you?)


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