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sturgeon's law says that 90% of everything is crap, and really, i think it's more like 98% when it comes to porn of any sort. :)

but this year's golden turkey honours so far go to angel's feather. i know, the year is still young, but it would take an effort of monumentally bad proportions to oust this front runner. it is to weep -- i downloaded it without reading prior reviews just because one of my favorite seiyuus (inoue kazuhiko) is in it [1], and i could listen to him read the phonebook and be happy. but even he couldn't save this disaster for me, and it's not like he has much screen time. well, if he had had more screen time, i could have just closed my eyes more often to listen to his voice, and forget the crap on the screen, so maybe... no. just... no.

here's why angel's feather sucks: it features your totally generic fantasy kingdom taken over by bad people, ridiculous monsters (a naked bishie-spider? gag me.), loads of dull fan service (never have i seen so many naked chests without feeling the slightest dokidoki), cardboard cutout characters (plucky kendo boy, girlie shota bullied boy, evil creepy headmaster), badly integrated 3D CGI, black and white wings (guess who the good guys are!)(guess who's special, and a member of the ousted royal family!), completely random plot adventures (let's go ghost hunting! were there ghosts? who knew.), music that's way too loud, monster encounters straight from one of any 50 feel-alike RPG's we've already played. i could actually go on, but why?

i guess the two OVAs are meant to promote a video game; nothing else even remotely makes sense. but really, what a total waste of electrons -- the story sucks, and there's no yaoi here at all [2], there's not even real BL (boys' love) despite a kiss between BFFs and a licky, teasy bit by the bishi-spider (*eww*), because there is absolutely no sexual or romantic tension.

inoue kazuhiko, i weep. why have you forsaken me!

[1] yes, i have now watched enough anime to recognize some seiyuus (voice actors) without reading the credits, and i have definite favourites: inoue kazuhiko, okiayu ryoutarou, seki tomokazu. mmmh.

[2] i've mostly been watching smut the last few days. i am finding that RL porn doesn't do anything for me at all anymore. not that it ever did much, but now it's completely without effect. while drawn boy-on-boy can actually be moderately hot. i have no idea why, but my inner gay guy rejoices that we actually do have a wee bit of a sex drive for a change.


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