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when i read fiction, i generally love it when something unexpected happens, when people find interesting ways to deal with whatever life throws at them, where relationships don't always end in happily-ever-after, where the most important thing isn't necessarily a romantic relationship. i love it when i learn something from fiction, when it makes me think.

when i read romance, i want a goddamn happy ending where boy gets boy, even if boy and boy fight at the start, or in the middle, or all through the story. but they damn well better end up together if i've angsted with them for 200+ pages.

when that doesn't happen, no matter how amiable the breakup, no matter even how necessary the breakup for one of them, i feel cheated, and i get cranky. i allow myself to wallow in the angst much more so than i do in general fiction, because i know it'll all be relieved by the end. romance is comfort reading. and it's not comforting to feel all the angst and then not receive the expected resolution.

if this had been non-romance fiction, it would have been quite decent, and i'd say "well done", because sometimes love just isn't enough, and other factors must overrule one's heart if one's ever to find any peace, and grow as a human being. even if the other person has done nothing wrong, sometimes the dynamics just don't work out despite all people trying their hardest.

but it was a romance, and damn you, julia talbot, for depriving me of my happy ending *whiny grump*. i am totally pissed off at kevin, and never want to read anything about him again. and i don't care whether ross finds somebody else in the next book. i don't even want to read it. my heart aches.


ETA: talbot julia, the thatcher series: 1. jumping into things, 2. landing with both feet, 3. taking the leap -- it's #2 with which i have the problem; #1 is interesting and got me easily attached to the 4 main characters as well as their dogs (julia talbot is clearly a dog person, *little grin*).


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