Jun. 14th, 2008 21:52
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6-14 jack point, 4.73 km 1:43, elevation gain 305m. the good part was the light on the way back. the not-so-good part was the sun in my eyes all the way out; forgot about that. tide was in, so no puttering around tidal pools. saw ravens chase a bald eagle. newly blooming: alumroot, couple of as-yet mystery plants.

best smut read:

mike shade -- dust and violets -- jason bought violet house, a run-down victorian, in order to restore it to its former glory. when he settles in and explores, he finds out that no prior occupant stayed for long in the house, and the neighbours think the house is haunted. but jason doesn't believe in ghosts. it's probably mice, or squirrels, or a racoon that keep moving his stuff around. and the cold drafts the source of which he hasn't found yet -- well, old houses are drafty. but some of those breezes are ... interesting, to say the least.

i don't usually care a whole lot for supernatural stuff, but this one was touching. also, hot. :) the house is almost a character in itself, and i really enjoyed that -- but then i also love watching this old house. i had a bit of a problem with the crisis -- the way it was done i didn't see it coming and didn't understand why jason did what he did, and i think it could have been foreshadowed much better. but i liked the resolution, and am fine with it being somewhat open as to whether joshua really is who jason believes he is.


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