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thanks to the grocery store, there are flowers! i thought this combination particularly striking.

low productivity today, but i rearranged my LJ pictures, since i now have a full year of dailies. if you care to look at the lot by month, here is all of 2008. [defunct as my LJ is gone; will eventually end up on smugmug.]

latest anime completed: okane ga nai. it's BL, so if that offends or bores, skip the rest of this entry.

this is the story of gentle, kind-hearted college student ayase, who is auctioned off on the underground sex slave market in order to pay the debt of his unscrupulous cousin. the highest bidder is kanou, a loan shark with a nasty temper who is utterly smitten with ayase.

and to show his abiding love in good ole yaoi manner, kanou takes ayase home and rapes him. because nothing says loving like forcing somebody who's already scared out of his mind to have sex. then we have hijinks of misunderstandings and ayase being abducted, and kanou coming to his rescue, and trying (unsuccessfully) to not scare him the rest of the time. and since it's yaoi, ayase naturally comes to love his rapist over time, because how can you possibly resist a man who loves you so much that he can't control himself? i swear, when watching this sort of dreck, and knowing how many fans adore it, i think japan is stuck in the 50s.

i haven't kept up with the manga, because i abhor girly, crying uke who are more yasashii (gentle, caring, sacrificing, submissive) than the average anime girl. i realize what the concept of yasashii is trying to get at, and i can even occasionally buy it (such as in the novel answer by sakiya haruhi). but here ayase is just too much of a doormat for me.

the art is really bad in the OVA, no comparison to the manga, the animation is lazy, and the sex (what there is to see) is not erotic. on the other hand, the voice talent is superb, and fukuyama jun is perfect for ayase because he does squealy uke so well (which is why i don't buy drama CDs with fukujun in a leading role; he's a great actor, but i can't stand his voice when he does sex). kosugi juurota plays kanou, and does him very well. supporting are okiayu ryoutarou as well as hatano wataru, and tobita nobuo has my favourite role, that of the tranny. this anime needs more tranny.

buy the drama CDs instead, they're much better (ishida akira plays ayase).


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