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the "frog" assembled -- this is the y-axis, and the bed (what the printer prints on) will be installed on top.

the x-axis assembled. also, the z-axis stepper motors mounted.

the frigging belt does not run evenly. partly because that we didn't adjust the x-axis idler end completely perpendicular (some of these things are very hard to measure). but part of it also seems because the grooves the belt runs through on the x-carriage are not perfectly lined up with the roller bearing it runs over on the idler end. the photo doesn't show this (since i didn't know it would be a problem when taking it). i want to document this better, but the paramour isn't into taking photos when zie's fiddling with stuff, so that all will happen when we put together MY printer, *grin*.
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it's here! it came on friday. sometimes i am still amazed at how quickly things can be shipped from one side of the world to the other.

triangle of 3 threaded rods bolted to 3D-printed pieces
first triangle assembled

two triangles at the sides connected by 6 cross rods form the printer frame
basic frame assembled

it's kinda funny; the paramour and i have seen this printer in lots of pictures and videos, but it still seems small when it sits on your workbench.

i can already tell that this isn't gonna be my favourite configuration; it's very, very fiddly to adjust.

but i am totally thrilled that it's here. one printed part is broken, and unfortunately it's an important part that can't really be jury-rigged; the x-axis motor end. there's also nobody we know locally who could just quickly print that part for us. so i'm gonna try and glue it; hopefully the JB kwikplastik i bought will work with PLA.


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