piranha: red origami crane (Default)
renaissance poisson ([personal profile] piranha) wrote2005-06-23 06:28 pm

new brunswick joins

the other sane provinces and will soon perform same-sex marriages.

that leaves only PEI, alberta, and the northwest territories. get with it, guys.

in the meantime, parliament has been extended to handle C-38 (the same-sex marriage bill), and C-48 (the NDP-deal budget bill).

says peter mackay: "Let's be clear, the Liberal party is now cutting deals with the separatists, to appease the socialists, to prop up their corrupt government,". look who's talking about deals with the separatists! sheesh. sometimes i wonder whether you CPC people ever listen to yourselves talk. does the hypocrisy not hurt while oozing out the side of your mouth?

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