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i'll try the "immersion" once i am actually good enough (agreed that calling it that is silly). does it go in both directions?

i've now experienced 3 different courses on memrise, and two of them (basic french by murielmorgan and basic spanish by OliviaZavala) are very solid, while the basic hiragana course has no audio, and seems to do reviews only in romaji -> kana direction. the spanish audio is ok, though not always recorded well (some popping and hissing) -- but it's still much better than synthetic voice. and now that i'm solidly entrenched in my french course i see that they actually have an A1 course with grammar. maybe i should switch.

i was just gonna have a quick look at the spanish, but i got hooked on it, even though i am just learning 5 words a day right now.

Hola! Me llamo Pir y vengo de Canadá. Sé 40 palabras españolas.

i checked and the spanish tree on duolingo has apparently 1570 words in it, but i have no idea which words they are, whether the course creators took word frequency into account. i know the french course does not bring in new words in frequency order. memrise has cactusloads of spanish courses though, and some of them use lexemic frequency, so i hope you can find something that's not crap.

have you tried duolingo's speech recognition? that's apparently available on mobile only, but the reviews i've seen were not very encouraging. i'll probably go the italki route when i feel ready to talk to people.
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