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*nod*. like you, i prefer to write from the start, even if the language uses a different writing system. yes, that slows down my speaking at the start, but i am pretty sure it eventually catches up (well, it should this time, since i am giving a higher priority to speaking now, just not at the expense of writing). i also still always write out vocabulary lists in longhand on paper, because something about the process helps transfer the words into my long-term memory. typing does not have the same effect.

oh, welsh! such a cool language. how fortunate for you to live among welsh speakers! yeah, i definitely understand wanting to practice it first by yourself. but maybe you can push yourself a little, practice some simple greetings, and then start using those with your welsh friends. by and by you can add more words. even if you can't hold an entire conversation, it's important that you hear it spoken well, and have somebody who'll tell you whether your pronunciation is good. anything you learn wrong now will be harder to unlearn down the road.

oh, something i forgot to mention is that i slap flashcards on every item in my house, and whenever i use that item, i say the word for it in the language i am learning, and preferably in a phrase as soon as possible. so at first it's "refrigerator", but soon it's "i open the refrigerator" and "i close the refrigerator", and in a while "i am looking for cheese in the refrigerator".

what's awesome in canada is that packaging is bilingual, so most things i buy come with built-in flashcards. ;)
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