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yes, there is the puzzle aspect of it too -- i know that distracts me in japanese. the fear affects me much less now than it used to, but i remember that well from france where people were actually judgmental (as compared to other european countries where they were happy if a foreigner attempted to speak their language). the french experience really stifled me for quite some time.

i am not so much hanging out yet as i am cruising, trying to find which places work for me. i basically collect language blogs/sites that also have communities, so i can later go back. i wish youtube commenting weren't so rife with arseholes because there is so much good material on youtube, but the comments are basically a total waste of time, and it therefore doesn't feel like there ever is a real community.

right now i am checking out lang-8, which is heavy with japanese users (but has people from all over). you can write blog entries and native speakers will correct them for you. i've been there for 2 days, corrected 22 entries, and have acquired 20 "friends". that's a lot faster than anywhere else, but i don't know whether any "friend" will amount to something like a language learning buddy. i am generally a lot more into explaining why i'd translate things a certain way than anyone else i've encountered, and i want similar people because i learn best when i know why i should phrase things a certain way. i'm also trying out rhinospike, where native speakers record and transcribe audio for you. i'm exploring memrise for refreshing my french from the ground up; they offer more advanced flashcard type spaced repetition, which is kinda fun as an adjunct. i'm about to do the same with duolingo.
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