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that sounds like it must have been very difficult.

i'm of two minds about it. yes, if it comes down to losing your job, anything that helps might be a good thing. i like the idea in theory that a company might offer counseling on how to deal with the problems that are leading to the bad job performance. i'm fine with "this is unacceptable, and you must fix it to retain your job. these are ways other people have dealt with it." and inform me about mental health care options available, like a medical leave of absence, phone numbers for counselors in my area, that sort of thing.

but i really hate the idea that a company employing me should have the power to choose any form of treatment. what if they decide that gay conversion therapy is just the thing? sure, i can turn it down and let myself be fired, but this is a duress situation, which tends to limit what people perceive as their choices, and the company which has a vested interest in my performance is a biased source. and man, if i were to be sent to this ranch, where corporal punishment is part of the treatment, and me being cut off from all outside contact, without me having any choice about it once there (and while being in a mental state that's not actually able to fully consent), that would be seriously wrong.

i don't want private companies to have that sort of power over me. if anyone needs to have it (and somebody probably does because people might spiral completely out of their own control), then i rather the state have it, with plenty of checks and balances in place. and where corporal punishment is not a kink, but an unacceptable treatment.
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