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renaissance poisson ([personal profile] piranha) wrote2014-02-21 11:36 pm

workout 2014-02-21

40 days: day 32 (week 6)

workout A

walked briskly for half an hour after lunch.

Standing Barbell Shoulder Press (OHP)
2x10 @ 45 lb
2x8 @ 55 lb
volume: 1780

today was a day filled with much crapola reminding me how many assholes there are in the world, exhausting my spirit. didn't feel like lifting a lot of weight, ergo low weight, more reps.

Barbell Deadlift
2x5 @ 105 lb
2x8 @ 145 lb
volume: 3370

145 did not feel particularly "light" today.

Rotational Kettlebell Deadlift
2x10 @ 43 lb
volume: 860

no change.

Two-Arm Kettlebell Swing
2x20 @ 28
volume: 1120

no change.

One-Arm Dumbbell Row
4x10 @ 32 lb
volume: 1280

dropped 2 sets; just too tired. kinda amazed i did the workout at all. it seems the habit has taken, which is a fine thing.

total volume: 7540 lb.