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hm. yeah, i see what you mean, and i concur ... to a degree.

first off, what bothers me most, and gratingly so, is the misogyny. it's ever-present in the source material, but i expect better from a reimagining in the present day. the show does give a few nods there, by making mary have much more of a role than original-mary (who was a bland, boring cardboard cutout of "dutiful wife"), and by making irene adler a much stronger character as well, but they're still failing massively (molly is just a sad addition with her perpetual bad choice in men and crush on sherlock, and while mrs hudson has a couple moments she never even gets in the stories, they're both just props).

i agree sherlock is abusive. but i do buy the "high-functioning sociopath" line, mainly because the way i define sociopathy it's not a point, but a spectrum, and sherlock fits in the corner of the spectrum where some true empathy and feelings for others exist. i do think he feels about as much love as he can feel for john. but in general he doesn't much care for people; he's a misanthropist in general and in specific a misogynist, and sees no particular reason to change his mind; if anything, his chosen profession brings him in contact with more of the dregs than most. and we're supposed to adore him because he's so brilliant, and we're supposed to forgive exceptional men for their "boys will be boys" shortcomings. i don't buy that. the last part. i do buy why sherlock behaves like he does, but i don't adore him for it, instead i think it's tragic, because i don't think he can change a whole lot, and he IS responsible for his own loneliness, and i'm ashamed for his abuse of john.

i actually don't see him sabotaging john's other relationships. you make it sound like john has no agency, but exactly why is sherlock his only friend? sherlock is not isolating him. he isolates himself. there are long periods of time when they're not together; john could be making other friends, but he doesn't. sherlock is a bit of a prat to some of john's dates, but there is never even a glimmer of "dump them or i'll stop being your friend". he just doesn't see the point of them. and when it comes to mary, who is clearly something special, he doesn't try to come between them -- which he very easily could, even before mary does what she does.

i also don't agree that sherlock doesn't change. he certainly develops strong feelings for john, and the end of reichenbach falls is FOR john (and to a lesser degree for the others sherlock cares about whom moriarty targets). that's a pretty damn big sacrifice for a sociopath. yes, it also turns out to be abusive and i think he makes some very bad choices there, but he doesn't do it for himself, he sacrifices everything that matters to him for john.

i haven't thought much about series 3 yet; i think i watched it too quickly and didn't pay enough attention because i was also sleep-deprived and otherwise distracted; i just let it wash over me.
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