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See, I liked series 1 of Sherlock, but each subsequent series has made me more and more convinced that ... hrm, in an attempt to avoid harshing your squee, let's just say that with every new episode I'm more and more convinced that some things I thought were being done deliberately and as a character choice are instead being done accidentally and authorially, and while I can cope with those things as a deliberate character choice I can't handle them as an overall and unremarked thing.

Hence why I love Elementary so incandescently, because it's the first procedural I've seen in a long time, if ever, that doesn't do those things (most TV does those things, on a sliding scale, but this is why I do not watch most TV -- I can overlook them sometimes and tolerate them other times but I find Sherlock an egregious example) and it's a very nice change. Elementary is not a whodunit detective show like Sherlock is, it's a procedural, but I'm okay with that.

Which is not to say I'm not watching Sherlock, because I think it is doing some interesting things and there's some very good acting craft (Martin Freeman's performance at the end of The Reichenbach Fall is a masterclass in 2 minutes), but I have to steel myself to watch it, and I kind of teeter in and out of hatewatching it. :/
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