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overhead press
2x5 @ 45lb
1x5 @ 50lb
1x5 @ 55lb
5x5 @ 60lb

1x5 @ 60lb
1x5 @ 90lb
3x5 @ 110lb

goblet squat
5x5 @ 23.5lb

1x3 @ 45lb

good mood because my power rack came, and even though i am not putting it together tonight, i feel great because i am prioritizing my workout, which is the right thing to do. i also didn't go out to dinner with P; again, the right thing to do, though i would have liked to see him. yeah, i am a bit eccentric. and i have a plan. (cue battlestar galactica (reimagined series) theme music.)

5 min light cardio.
10 min dynamic stretches.

OHP: very gradual warmup. same work weight as the screwed-up last workout was supposed to be, because i want to overwrite that with good form. which was a nice plan, only the execution was not quite up to par. but better than last time, and not wobbly. i tried to push the weight up fast, and bring it down slowly. no bounce at the bottom whatsoever; i stopped the bar dead (no momentum cheat allowed yet). i need to concentrate more, and i am not sure how to do that; i am easily distracted by anything that goes on (and with 6 cats, something always goes on). maybe i need to wear headphones and play loud music. i am really happy with my wrists, which don't hurt at all, and that means i have got the grip down and my arms are lined up well.

deadlift: still easy. first time i used the 25 lb plates -- could have used them last time, but too much hassle. i think my deadlift form is the best of all the lifts; it just feels really solid, and i know how to activate my glutes and hamstrings. did extra sets because i still can, but left some in the tank for squats. kept long static hold on the last rep of each working weight set to increase grip strength.

K* ATG squat 4:30 min. i am now reading during this. "starting strength", to keep it apropos. ;)

goblet squats: did not increase the weight; concentrated on form, controlled descent, stretching in the bottom, and tried to "explode" out of the hole on the first set. for values of "explode" that are like a slow motion film. ;)

squats: 3 with the empty bar, and my shoulders were not trying to separate from my body. still very painful, but it is clearly getting better, and all that mobility work is slowly paying off.

no accessory exercises because tired and hungry, but might add some bench dips later.

i'm thinking of doing yoga in the mornings, and mobility before i go to bed, but that might not be a good idea because of how tired i often am when i fall into bed. i do want to do yoga though, i think it would be overall good for me. maybe both yoga and mobility in the morning?

good workout.
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