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1x5 @ 45lb
1x5 @ 55lb
5x5 @ 65lb

pendlay rows
1x5 @ 55lb
1x5 @ 65lb
1x5 @ 75lb
1x5 @ 85lb
5x5 @ 90lb

goblet squats
5x5 @ 23.5lb

finally done with the stomach bug.

5 min cardio.
10 min dynamic stretching.

am timing my rest periods now. not super strict, but i was kinda lackadaisical about it before, and now i am not.

bench: on the floor one last time. still did not take this lift apart. somewhat more stable, though my upper back was not entirely happy. i am now recognizing how different the floor press actually is, though. that's ok, if i can lift it on the floor, i can lift more on bench. theoretically. not a problem with pressing the weight up from the chest, but the lift-off is difficult now. glad the power rack is on its way; that will make benching safer just in time. speaking of why "safer" will be an excellent thing: on set 4 bacchus (big, fat ginger tomcat) decided to rub his butt on my face in mid lift. i have never hissed at him that loud before; it was kind of a spit-hiss -- and that sure cleared him outta there like a cat outta hell. *sigh*. i kept control of the weight though.

rows: did not rest between warmup sets, just changed plates. tried to practice the external shoulder rotation thing, and when i set up i think i have it, but it gets lost thereafter. my form was good at first, and then started to break down (though my wrists did not curl, i moved my back up a bit). i think it would be better if i didn't go for "explosive" at this point, but for "clean" first.

K* ATG squat: 4 min

goblet squats: did not up the weight so i could concentrate on form. but my body was flagging at this point, so all that concentration didn't do a whole lot of good. wasn't bad form, just kinda... not very enthusiastic, draggy.

very tired now; probably after effects from being sick, and both main lifts were taxing me. no accessory lifting for now. maybe later if i stay awake.

my power rack is in richmond; just has to come across to the island by ferry. tomorrow, i think.
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