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1x5 @ 45lb
5x5 @ 60lb

pendlay rows
1x5 @ 65lb
5x5 @ 85lb

goblet squats
1x5 @ 18.5lb

*urk*. still digestive tract problems. getting better though, so under the motto of "no excuses", forward into the breach.

no cardio. the "shwinginess" of the recumbent bike upset my stomach.
10 min light mobility, and K* ATG squat for 3 min.

bench: or not bench. i didn't really have the energy to work out in detail what all is wrong with my benching, so i headed back to the floor. that went a lot better, much less wobble, straighter bar path, and solid lockout. ergo my problems lie with my stability on the bench, not with the lifting itself, as expected.

rows. no problem, but the weight is getting there, and form is a bit harder to hold. good back, good wrists, good grip. i think my wrists are getting stronger. they're very thin in general, and i've been thinking of doing wrist rollers to strengthen them for the weights to come.

goblet squats. weak. weak, weak, weak. had to call it quits after one set because the runs started again. supposing i feel better tomorrow i'll do them then together with core.

no accessory exercises either. just too wiped for it all.

an hour later, when i put away the weights from the rows, i did a squat walkout with 65 lb, and one full squat down, to parallel. not logging that (single squats don't count at this point). but a new PR by 20 lb, *heh*. made me feel good about the workout.

spent a lot of time on the SLIC site today, shorting my work some. 300+ new members! went through a lot of logs, welcoming new people. remembered how it felt when i was new, and only one person talked to me; wanted to make sure at least one person talked to each newb and said something meaningful. now i think i've used up my social for a few months.
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