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1x5 @ 45lb
5x5 @ 55lb

pendlay row
5x5 @ 80lb

goblet squats
5x5 @ 8.5lb

1x1 @ 45lb

DB row
5x10 @ 33.5lb

5 min light cardio.
10 min general mobility.
5 min shoulder mobility.

bench. my form sucks giant boulders through a very tiny straw. i don't know that there is anything good about it at all. well, no, my grip and wrists are fine. but i wobble around on the bench. tried pavel's aggro trick, and while that solidified my shoulders and arms, my body still just kinda blubbered over the edges, and i felt my back was hyperextended. i need to take this lift apart in detail. had no trouble with the weight, at least.

rows. those went well. solid, good form. i am starting to feel the weight, but it is no problem yet. wrist curl problem is under control, though i can feel they want to do it... want to ... want to... but no. not permitted.

ATG squat 3:50 min.

goblet squats, with dumbbell. oh yeah. these are good for me, and my shoulders are happy to get some rest. i have pretty good form, i think, and i got out of the hole every time without twisting. they are amazing for my hip flexors. did one full squat with the oly bar at the end, just to keep it fresh in my mind, since it remains the goal.

single-arm dumbbell rows. i have run out of weights for this, *heh* (whoever expected that would happen). i'll need to buy or build myself a handle for the olympic weights. i like adding dumbbell exercises because with barbells my dominant side might pull more, while with dumbbells there are no excuses for the weaker side.

except for the bad bench form, this felt like a very good workout. i was fed just right too; protein smoothie sufficiently ahead of time to not slosh around in my stomach.
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