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bench press
5x1 @ 45lb
5x5 @ 50lb

pendlay row
5x5 @ 75lb

2x5 BW
3x5 @ 45lb

dumbbell row
3x10 @ 33.5lb

still very tired from the attack, and my chest hurt (just from the heart hammering around in it for 16 hours, no acute pain). but i didn't even debate working out. since my workout time fell around dinner time, i was a bit worried the paramour would want to go out for dinner since it's my birthday -- and then i would have to weigh working out against dinner (a potentially losing proposition for working out) -- but he forgot. ;) (that is not a big deal in our family, sometimes i forget myself.)

5 min light cardio.
10 min general mobility.
6 min shoulder mobility.
ATG "third world" squat 3:45 min.

did a warm-up bench press with empty bar to try and incorporate what i learned from the new bench videos on SLIC. paid special attention to arching and keeping my shoulders on the bench. the working weight sets felt alright, but everything is just a little wobbly. i try to keep tight, but am overall not feeling all that comfortable on the bench. i suppose either that will come, or i'll build a new bench where my feet can reach the floor without wooden boards. nothing about this rack fits me well, but the primary issue isn't the bench, it's my softness in the core. i should do more planks.

rows went very well. nothing much to say. didn't video myself today; just not enough energy to bother. i think my form is good; nothing feels changed from last time. still lots of room for heavier weight. did a single deadlift at the end and held it for a while to work on grip strength.

putting the squats last now because they take the most out of me. started with bodyweight hybrid squats and tried to get depth. mostly felt ok. then put the oly bar on. shoulders hurt; bench does not warm them up as nicely as OHP, but it wasn't the screaming kind of pain until the 5th set. i might want to move shoulder mobility right before the squats. also, the holes in the rack are just wrong for me; either i have to stand on the balls of my feet to unrack, or go down too low.

i don't think i did a single squat to depth with the oly bar, *sigh*, and i was distracted by the pain, so i wasn't ever fully tight after the bodyweight sets. but i did 3 sets at 45 lb, my form wasn't twisty -- just not deep enough -- and so i am logging them anyway. i did feel a little like one of those pretend-squatters in the videos people on SLIC make fun of. *wry grin*. well, at least i know i'm not doing it as deeply as it should be done.

did 30 extra single-arm dumbbell rows for lats and grip strength. i am really feeling my lats tonight. and now i'll have ice cream. raspberry chocolate truffle cheesecake.
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