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5x5 10lb

floor bench
5x5 43.5lb

pendlay rows
5x5 65lb

single-arm dumbbell rows
5x10 33.50lb

light cardio for 5 min.
general mobility for 10 min.
shoulder-specific mobility for ... umm, lost track. 6,7 min?

did squats with the improv bar and chain weights. shoulders were telling me that they did NOT appreciate any of what i subjected them to, but i got through all 5 sets. form on the last 2 was meh. i had to wait more than an hour before doing the other exercises. i think it might be best for me to do the squats last while my shoulders are getting used to the greater range of motion.

still had to do the bench with the curl bar one last time; didn't want to push the weight up too rapidly (though that was tempting since i accidentally did it for the OHP). still going well, with i hope decent form, except i was just a little shaky from the strain on the shoulders earlier.

rows went well; i do have good form on those and no back pain at all.

added single-arm dumbbell rows later in the evening to strengthen my back. sets are split between left and right arm. i gotta say, i am kinda impressed by the weight i can pull with those now. when i lugged the 40+ lb dumbbell case from canadian tire to the truck a few weeks ago i was struggling with it and had to set it down several times.

overall i am doing better on tightening my core, and concentrating on the moment -- it's always easier when i am alone and there are no interruptions. breathing still needs lots of work.

it was a good workout.

yesterday i cancelled my training with gloria in email. i kept it short and polite, didn't pile all the blame on her, gave as reasons that i started a strength-focussed lifting program that made additional workouts difficult, and that our recent personality clashes stressed me; told her to keep the money for the last few sessions. received no response at all; i was hoping she wasn't gonna bother the paramour about it instead, and fortunately she didn't. but it feels rude that she's just ignoring it. oh well. i'm done with the stress; that's what matters.


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